my book

in the world of humans i eat, train and think like a gorilla.
and it's f***ing great.

my book is available on amazon.

digital format                                            paperback

"just imagine a non-narrative version of Fight Club revised by Konrad Lorenz" - Rob Galliano (science teacher)

"easy to read, right to-the point and revolutionary. a must-read for everyone willing to make this world a better place" - Lucy Petrevich (saleswoman)

"a book that requires humility and desire to get involved but soon it becomes a complete life-coaching handbook" - Luisa De Santi (fiber artist)

"i'm an hesitant vegan, it's hard for me to maintain my purposes and reach my goals so from time to time i reread Don't Mess With A Silverback to focus on my target and try again. i don't quit! it's an easy read, self-explanatory and original" - Gaia Zanutti (elderly caregiver and expert of essential oils)

"a wonderful book that everyone should read. the next one will be my daughter that already made her choice" - Ingrid Mayer (holistic operator and founder of LeVieDelBlu)
"more explosive than the Unabomber Manifesto but with no bombs" - Rudy Rigante (social worker)

the italian edition, "la logica del gorilla", is available too.

digital format                                             paperback