full length:

The Dangereux Family
"Rave Days are Over"

Homemade (2015), available here

Guignol Dangereux
"Rhythms of Trance"

Homemade (2014), available here

Guignol Dangereux

Organic Pipeline (2006)

Guignol Dangereux
"Robbery Pop"

Multinational Disaster Records (2006)

Guignol Dangereux
"Music for Young Spiders"

Simple Logic Records (2005)

Guignol Dangereux
"Live by the Sea"

Why Not LTD. (2004)

Guignol Dangereux
"Old Wounds"

Simple Logic Records (2004)


Guignol Dangereux
"Zebras in the Living Room"

Homemade (2019), available here

Guignol Dangereux
"Di Marinettti e d'Intorni"

TibProd. (2005)

Guignol Dangereux
"40n43 74w0"

TibProd. (2004)

Guignol Dangereux
"8 bit lust"

Retinascan (2004)

Guignol Dangereux
"Radio Ludd"

Uranium City Records (2004)

Guignol Dangereux
"Dr. Kangaroo goes Classical"

Deserted Factory Records (2003)

side projects and collaborations:

The Pine-A-Tune Project
"Folk Music from Outer Space"

Homemade (2015), available here

Swamps Up Nostrils / Guignol Dangereux

Krakilsk (2006)

Jan M. Iversen / Guignol Dangereux

Stop-Eject Records (2005)

Dangereux VS Iversen
"Reconstructing Mechanical Bacteria"

TibProd. (2003)

Guignol Dangereux / Karmakumulator / Gruuthaagy / Lasse Marhaug
"4 way split CD"

CarpeDiem Records (2002)


Guignol Dangereux: "Segmentis (Nosey Remix)" in VVAA - Patchwork Connect (Dead Wood tracks remixed) (DirtyDemos)
Davide Riccio feat. Guignol Dangereux: "What is Monster? Who?" in Davide Riccio - Wrong or right of forty (UnaMusica)
Guignol Dangereux: "Disappointment" in VVAA - Bersi la musica 2006 (compilation by TheMilt)
Guignol Dangereux: "The Gift", "Pussies Play Doggie", "S.I.M.P." in VVAA - Oscillator707 - Suite#2 (Tibprod.) - mixcd by Guignol Dangereux
Guignol Dangereux: "Santaclaused" in VVAA - A New Star in the Heavens (Zaftig Research)
Guignol Dangereux: "Carved in propane", "You beat it too" in VVAA - Reconstruct 3 - Swamps Up Nostrils Remixed (Tibprod./Krakilsk)
Guignol Dangereux: "PV got married" in VVAA - Bersi la musica 2005 (compilation by TheMilt)
Guignol Dangereux: "Thinking is overrated" in VVAA - The Scariest Weapon 3 (Invasion Wreck Chords)
Guignol Dangereux: "Con la faccia che ronza" in VVAA - Cat-Zen-Jammer 2 (Tibprod.)
Guignol Dangereux: "Save a fir, kill a woodcutter" in VVAA - Silver Bells (Zaftig Research)
Guignol Dangereux: "I love my cavities" in VVAA - The Power Propaganda, an Italian Manifesto (Anaemic Waves Factory)
Guignol Dangereux: "Can't (Mai)" in VVAA - Reconstruct 2 - Cadmium Dunkel Remixed (Tibprod.)
Guignol Dangereux: "Dr. Kangaroo plays Babel" in VVAA - Poetry and Chaos (Chmafu Nocords)
Guignol Dangereux: "Cigarette01 plus h RMX" in Urkuma - Onomatopoeic Cigarettes 2nd edition (Chmafu Nocords)
Guignol Dangereux: "Sick my duck", "Love cash", "Dance to the Nothing" in VVAA - Oscillator707 - Suite#1 (Tibprod.) - mixcd by Guignol Dangereux
Guignol Dangereux: "More cash (seelv needs food)" in VVAA - Ululume Compilation (Lovecraft Records)
Guignol Dangereux: "Re08 ScissorHead RMX" in VVAA - Reconstruct 1 - Iversen Remixed (Tibprod.)