i'm a big fan of bodyweight exercises and working out at home without specific equipment, as it gives you the freedom of training everywhere and whenever you want. with the covid pandemic and all the fitness facilities closed, having the chance of doing complete workouts at home has became even more important and online there is a lot of info on this matter, with full lessons from personal trainers and workout videos that may inspire every stay-at-home athlete.
just a pair of weeks ago i discovered a website that really defines a new standard in the field of online fitness lessons and workouts. it's called darebee.com and it's probably the largest library on the subject of fitness and general wellness available online. and guess, you can have free access to all of it, no registration required, no fees, even no ads.
ok, we know that's cool, but what can you actually find there? a lot of free stuff, especially complete workouts with all the exercises well illustrated, and everything can be donwloaded in pdf format and printed. there's more: a lot of guides on various subjects always in the field of fitness and general health, from general guidelines to training to plantbased nutrition for athletes, meditation, selfcare. more specific subjects are also covered, like detailed guides to running, training in martial arts at home, establishing a workout routine with your partner and much more. the site contains also some funny and cool files that can be downloaded and printed, like certificates for athletes that completed a determined number of workouts in a given number of days, or gadgets useful to organize some fitness-based games. the site is updated daily, and everyday a different wod is featured together with a miniworkout (usually something that can be done in under one minute).
the best thing of darebee.com in my opinion is its simplicity and straightforwardness. forget the cheesy videos you find on youtube in which oiled machomen guarantee that you'll lose 15kg of bodyfat in one week with a 7 minute daily workout, forget also the usual motivational bs about reaching your goals and become fit, healthy and even rich just following a couple webinars. darebee.com is simple and basic, and this is what makes it great. it contains a video library, but the videos are intended to present the single exercises and nothing more, and that's exactly what you need to get started.
the best part of the whole website in my opinion is the database of workouts. they present a lot of different workouts divided into categories: cardio, strength training, martial arts, etc. the difficulty of the workouts varies a lot too, starting from something easy as some basic moves to do on the sofa while watching tv to intense hiit sessions that will leave out of breath even an experienced athlete. still, even the most basic and apparently easy workouts can be creatively modified and become daunting. for example, i did the katana workouts but using a sledgehammer instead of a sword. believe me, it isn't easy.
my advice is to bookmark the website and visit it frequently or, if you're that kind of person,  download the app in your smartphone. and if you can, consider donating a few bucks to the developers, as the website lives exclusively on donations.