italy's in lockdown (again)... who's to blame?

it was exactly one year ago when italy went in total lockdown for the first time. during those days i was strongly recommending all the measures aimed to protect the weaker members of the society (wearing masks, avoiding crowds etc). then i started noticing a few things and i decided to avoid expressing any opinion on the matter. nowadays i still wear masks and avoid crowded places, but i have many doubts on this whole pandemic thing. so today, on the verge of another lockdown, i want to return to this topic. first of all, let me say that i don't think that the covid epidemic is fake and i don't believe in conspiracy theories. i believe that the virus exists and killed many people. i believe that it infected our species because of repeated (and totally inappropriate) contacts with other species. but i don't think that the cause was a mad scientist planning to destroy the world. the real cause is the eating habits of the 98% of the human race. i want to add also that my country going in lockdown tomorrow does not affect me that much. i'm good at my place with my wife and my dogs. surely having to justify myself for going out for a run at 5am in the middle of nothing is not funny at all but i can live with it. as for keeping the safety distance from other people, it isn't a problem for me (i tend to do it anyway) and the only social interaction that i am really missing is sparring in the dojo. still, i can't help but notice a few details that make me itch. the virus has not been engineered in a secret lab but surely someone is taking advantage from its spreading making enormous profits. with the help of many government, this f***ing covid is giving even more power to those companies that were already extremely powerful and influencing (i'm referring particularly to the hi-tech, social media and pharmaceutical businesses). thus, terrorizing people can become a market strategy. plus, speaking especially of the country were i live, the government has been totally unable to deal with the emergency, throwing away millions of euros in ventures that proved to be total bullsh*t instead of investing in medical prevention, home assistance for infected people and increasing the number of intensive care units. i can understand the confusion of the first days, when the virus started spreading at light speed, but after a year there are no excuses. too bad that the price of the incompetence of our political leaders has to be paid by all the population.