the apotheosis of lazyness

i know i've already covered this topic (here and here) but every time that i left my little island to reach the nearest town i can't help but notice that there are always more electric kickscooters darting through cars.
now i can understand someone buying an ebike instead of a motorcycle and using it for medium-to-long transportation or cycling tourism, but all this hype about electric kickscooters is still uncanny for me. even more uncanny is a government which transforms them in a symbol of sustainability and respect for the environment, but this is another story. what i really can't understand is the reason why someone has to buy one. it could be understandable if the marketing target for electric kickscooters would be old or disabled people who can hardly walk, but from what i see it's mostly the youngsters using them. why? do they have muscle on their legs to kick or not?
non-electric kickscooters do exactly the same: they make your urban community faster and the required effort on flat roads is really affordable for anyone. plus, they're way cheaper. i've been using a non-electric kickscooter since a lot of years and no way that i would change it for an electric one. our daily life is already full of batteries that needs to be checked and charged, why adding another one when we can just use our muscle power?
kicking around the town is also a lot of fun, and healthier too.