motivational statements?

i am currently reading "every day is game day" by Mark Verstegen. it's a good book and maybe i'll post a review once finished. it's all about maximizing performance, mainly from a physical-athletic point of view but also as a way to improve how we deal with everyday's tasks.
one of the first section is about being mentally prepared to perform at our best, and i fully agree on the importance of this aspect of performance. the author suggests that one of the first thing to do is to establish a personal statement that should motivate us to do our best to reach our goals. well, probably it's just me being the usual prick, but motivational stuff usually makes me smile. do you really need to mentally repeat a motivational mantra to keep going? well, i don't know, usually i don't feel i need something similar. in my opinion mental preparedness is achieved through daily practice of exercising our awareness, strengthening our force of will and pushing the boundaries of our comfort zone. it's a mental workout that quite often can be done together with our physical workout. or at least it's what i use to do.
still, i decided to play the game and to try to develop a personal statement that, according to the book, should describe myself and my goals starting from a list of words that are in a way or another meaningful to myself. at first i considered it just an exercise in style, then i realized that it was harder than expected so i took it as a challenge and got somehow hooked. i tried with the technique suggested in the book, starting with the list of words but it didn't work, so i decided to make things a little more personal but still wasn't satisfied with what i came up with. then i realized that my main goal in these years has always been clear: do my best to take a step back in the evolutionary history of our species adopting, where possible, the lifestyle of an ape whilst living among humans. once realized this, in no time i was able to write down my motivational statement: "be brave. be strong. be wild." where being brave means constantly pushing our limits to reach better results, being strong is about keeping going despite all the crap that life throws at us, and being wild has a double value: getting rid of all the hypocrisies the we think are necessary to maintain an acceptable social life and at the same time living simply, being frugal, avoiding everything superfluous and using as little as possible all the electronic stuff that nowadays seem so important for our conspecifics. so "be brave, be strong, be wild", that was what i was looking for.
at the end, i realized how important it is to identify clearly our main goals and to be able to summarize them in a short sentence that we can use as guidance for all the decisions we have to make in our daily life and as a reference to evaluate the way we spend our time and our energies. i doubt that this could be considered a motivational mantra as usually intended... but as long as it works in a way or another, who cares?