quarantine challenge: the final report

so on the 14th day i finished my quarantine challenge. i've climbed the stairs of my building till covering the vertical distance of mount everest (8848mt.). it took almost 24 hours (comprehending going both upstairs and downstairs). in terms of floors and steps, it has been as reaching the top of a 2892 story building and then descending to ground level. supposedly, it required almost 17000 calories (although i am not sure if counting calories makes any sense, but let's stick to the rough data).
now, at the end of my everesting experience, i can confirm the feelings i already posted in the halfway-to-the-top report: physically speaking it hasn't been that hard, except for some muscle soreness in the calves area during the first two days and a pair of cramps in the toes and under the feet while going downstairs when i was almost at the end of the challenge. no doubt it has been quite boring. probably an mp3 player and a set of headphones might have helped but i never use headphones, i like to be aware of the environment around me even when i am on the stairs of the building where i live.
one of the biggest hassles has been remembering constantly not to switch off my cellphone during the day (as i am used to do), as i used its stopwatch to keep track of the time spent walking the stairs on every single day of the challenge. if i switch off the phone, the stopwatch resets. i know, there are many stopwatch apps around with lots of options but, technophobic as i am, i still use an old nokia phone: it serves me well, it does anything i need and even more and the battery lasts for weeks.
the final results

i am quite happy of this experience but honestly i am also happy that it's over now. i like to apply a lot of variations to my workouts and dedicating so much time to climbing stairs was becoming too repetitive. i am tempted to say that i am not going to climb stairs for a while now, but the quarantine time in my area is supposed to last till the first week of may and climbing stairs as a workout is one of the best cardio activities that can be performed indoors. but at least for this week, i'll pass on that.