launching another quarantine challenge

here in italy the lockdown to prevent the spreading of covid19 is becoming longer than expected. at the moment, it's been prolonged till may, 4th.
to tell you the truth, i've started to feel the miss of my freedom of moving. many people say that they miss mostly the physical contact with other people... hugging, kissing, shaking hands and all that stuff. honestly, i don't miss that at all. i'm not used to come into physical contact with people very easily (except for my wife but obviously i live with her and we're spending these weeks of lockdown together so that's not a problem). i miss working out outdoors. running on the beach, mountain biking, hiking in the woods during the night, walking around with my dogs, doing pullups at the park. but i respect the lockdown and i stay at home. i do it mostly as a form of respect for all people who are working in the hospitals, risking their own life to save others.
i enjoyed the quarantine challenge i finished last week (see this post for an introduction to the challenge and this one for the final results), everesting my building has been great. so now i am launching another challenge.
it's way less structured that the previous one: no event page on facebook, no videotutorials, no files to download to keep track of your progress. the aim of this second challenge is to get the most out of the time we have to spend at home. the challenge consists in learning something new, possibly a skill that requires body and mind to work together. this means, for example, working on balance, coordination and reflexes. rope jumping, simple forms of juggling, bouncing a foam ball on the wall alternating hands or throwing things at a target are some good examples of what I'm saying. as for me, i decided to learn hula-hooping. i've never been attracted to it so it's one of the few physical activities i've never tried before. thus, i'll give it a go.
making use of body and mind at the same time is great: it does not mean just training your willingness or your mental endurance. allowing your mind to learn new things while moving your body has many benefits in terms of health and prevention of cognitive impairment: learning new things forces our brain to create new links between neurons, which helps keeping the brain in full function. doing it while moving the body guarantees a full flow of blood to brain cells, delivering all the oxygen required to create the new links between neurons. plus, exercising body and mind at the same time represents one of the best choices to get the most out of a single workout. so, find a skill you'd like to learn and go for it. use the long days of lockdown to improve your fitness level, your mental performance and your health.