quarantine challenge: everesting your building

what does everesting mean? it means to do an ascent of the same altitude as mount everest (precisely 8848 meters) in whatever place you are, just choosing an uphill track and doing it up and down as many times as needed to cover vertically the altitude of mountain everest. for example, if you choose a short uphill track that implies an ascent of just 10 meters, you have to reach the top of it 884,8 (rounding, 885) times and descend for the same number of times. if the track you choose implies an ascent of 100 meters, you have to reach the top 89 times.
the concept of everesting was born in the cycling community as a time challenge, then spread among hikers, runners and other outdoors enthusiasts.
okay, this is very cool and funny, but how does it apply in times of quarantine? it's quite easy. do you remember my post about using the stairs of your building to workout? that's the idea. do the stairs of your building, or the internal ramps of your house as many times as necessary to cover a vertical distance of 8848 meters.
how many times do you have to climb the stairs? the math is quite simple: measure the height of a single stair of the ramp you're going to use, multiply by the number of stairs you're going to climb and you'll get the vertical distance you'll cover with a repetition. divide 8848 for the value of a single rep, and you'll get the number of reps needed to cover the total altitude of mount everest. if it's not clear, watch this little video tutorial:

there's no time limit. everyone has her own schedule, business and fitness level, so do it accordingly to your possibility. just try to be consistent, keep track of your progress and of the time you spend in it daily. it will be funny to calculate the total time taken to cover the whole challenge.
i created an event of facebook (in italian and in english) for the everesting quarantine challenge, it's here. there's also an image you can use to keep track of your progress and post on your social networks, download it from here if you want.
take part in the challenge and have fun.
would you ever think of using your quarantine time for a virtual expedition on the roof of the world?