the effect on the environment of a fruitarian diet

some choice we can do in our daily life are so simple but at the same time so powerful that we can hardly understand their full potential. as already stated in many previous posts, a good example is the impact on the environment of our dietary choices: we already know that many products of animal origin have a dramatic impact on the environment, causing pollution and speeding up climate change.
with this post, i want to offer another point of view on the same subject. can we actually switch our perspective from a non-negative impact on the environment to a positive one? and if so, what are the best strategies for it? how can we actually improve the quality of the environment with our diet? the answer is very simple: we should go fruitarian. just consider this basic facts: we need more trees to fight pollution and to slow down global warming. but this means using some soil to plant them, and we know that soil is an important economic resource and that many countries won't agree to use it for trees without a financial return. still, as consumers we are able to turn trees into something extremely profitable... just increasing the request for fruits. if more fruits are required worldwide, more trees have to be planted. more trees in every corner of the world means obviously less CO2 in the atmosphere.
sounds too easy to be true, doesn't it? but that's it. it's just another example of the incredible power we have as consumers. we live in the consumer society where the laws of most countries follow the market needs, and this means that, when shopping for groceries, we can actually modify the rules and by consequence change the world. there's no need to make pressure on world leaders to do something for our future, we can do it everyday just changing our eating habits.
i know, going fruitarian may seem too extreme for many people (actually it's much easier that it seems but i can understand that many of you don't feel ready to base all their diet on fruits). the good news is that there's no need to go 100% fruitarian to have a positive impact on the environment. as long as we we ban from our diet the most environmentally detrimental food (once again, all animal products), just the fact of increasing the daily consumption of fruits will effect the global demand for trees to be planted. which leads, obviously, to a healthier atmosphere and a better future for our planet.
it's up to us. we can make the difference day by day.