plans for the new year

just a few days and we'll be in 2020. it's a good moment to plan some change in our life and to set our new goals. it comes natural to use the arrival of a new year for this, as it represents a good starting point to introduce something new in our life, to improve in things we love to do or find solutions for reducing the impact of anything that's detrimental for our quality of life. nevertheless, to make the most out this practice and to put ourselves in the position of reaching our goals, we should keep in mind some basic points.
first of all, our goals have to be realistic. as the old saying goes, rome wasn't built in a day. to improve in any aspect of our life we need some time and dedication. if we are used to live a sedentary life, we won't be able to run a marathon in few weeks. being realistic at the moment of setting our goals will save us from the discomfort of feeling unable to reach them in the fixed time.
secondly, our goals have to be measurable. obviously this concept can't be applied in any circumstance. if your target is to become a better father, for example, you'll hardly find a way to measure it. maybe you could calculate the time you spend with your family and try to improve it, but we all know that quantity does not equal quality when it comes to relationships. still, choosing measurable goals will help us finding a strategy to reach them successfully.
and this leads us right to the third point: our goals should be splittable in portions, so we can proceed progressively through them. as the previous one, this point too does not apply always, but it works great when our goals are measurable. if one of our goals is to improve our overall strength, we can choose one or more exercises as a benchmark of our performance. for example we can keep track of how many pullups we are able to do in a single set and we can fix the goal of going to our current max of 10 to 20 during the coming year. this will mean that we should calculate to reach a max of at least 15 pullups by june, so working to add at least one pullup every month to our max reps will be a winning strategy.
the last point is probably the most important one, but also the hardest to apply. when striving to reach our goals we should do our best to meet our expectations but at the same time we have to be ready to modify and adapt our targets to what goes on in our daily life. the conditions in which we operate daily are in constant change, so the time we can spend to reach our goals may change too. this does not mean that we haven't to do our best to meet our expectations, but we have to accept the fact that the conditions may change and we may have to change something in our plan. postponing for some time the achievement of some targets is still better than giving up. i know it's not easy. the problem is that when we make plans we elaborate a mental image of them too and then we tend to stick to that projection forgetting what's going on in our everyday reality. being ready to modify our plans according to the ongoing conditions is a good way to avoid frustration and to put ourselves in the best position to make the most out of our efforts.
well, that's all for now. now let me just wish you all the best for the new year.