dear santa...

it's again that time of the year, xmas is almost here and, despite being totally agnostic, i really like it. it's also the time of the year when we buy gifts for our friends and family. so, here you have some suggestions for the typical last-minute xmas shopping.
in my opinion the best gift we can buy for our beloved ones is something that can improve their health or their whole quality of live. by consequence, a good option is to choose something that may help them in staying fit and/or make them move more, obviously according to their own taste and preference". some fitness equipment (that can also be homemade easily, there are many tutorials online for a large variety of equipment if you are interested) is a good option for people into strength training or for someone that has to regain a basic level of fitness.
a kickscooter (non-electric, obviously) will improve the everyday life of people that have to commute daily in urban environments. a foldable bike (again, non-electric please) can be a good gift too.
people who like to hike and explore the outdoors will probably enjoy receiving binoculars: till a few years ago they were typically part of the basic equipment of everyone into outdoors, nowadays they aren't very common but they still represent a simple and easy-to-use tool to enjoy the environment and discover new perspectives even in the most familiar areas.
it's not my cup of tea, but electronic gadgets like fitness bands and GPS watches are appreciated by a lot of people and if they are useful to motivate someone to move more, they may be a good a choice too.
if you feel that someone need some basic guidance in the field of physiological eating or living accordingly to the needs of our species, a book can be the best option: there a lot of good books available online, just search your favorite bookstore for plant-based eating and basic fitness books (and sorry for the shameless self-promotion, but my book could be a good idea too).