outdoor free gyms

pull-up bars in the middle of a park
how much fitness equipment is available for free in your area? if there's enough of it, you should be thankful. if you feel that there's less than needed (or if there's nothing at all) then you should require your municipality to install some. the quantity of places like the one in the picture above is directly proportional to how much your local administrators care for your health. rings, pull up bars, ab stations but also basketball courts, ping-pong tables and volleyball nets represent an opportunity for everyone to stay fit (or regain some fitness) for free, without paying for a gym membership. plus, usually they are installed in areas that are open 24/7 so you can use them whenever you prefer. it's just up to you to make the most out of the resources that are available in your surroundings.
oddly enough, in my area i don't see many people using (i mean using seriously) the fitness equipment that is available for free, but from what I know, there are many more people choosing to join a gym. nothing wrong with that (i've never entered a typical gym or fitness center in my whole life and i don't plan to do it in the future, but that's just my own choice) as long as the same fact of requiring a gym membership doesn't turn into an excuse to stop working out. "i have to same my money for something else", "the lessons i'm interested don't match with my working schedule", "the trainer isn't as good as expected"... over the years i've heard it all.
on the contrary, if you choose to use the free equipment or you start a serious bodyweight program that does not require any equipment at all, you will put yourself in the position to be honest to yourself: you don't have excuses to skip your workout and, in case you skip, you have to admit your laziness. plus, places with free equipment are also great to spend some time with your friends or family. you can exercise together helping each other (which turns to be extremely motivating too), or just have some fun playing ping-pong or basketball. much better (and healthier) than waste some hour in the bar for the usual postwork drinks. as usual, the choice is yours.