new use of this blog

i'm still working on the english translation of my book, "la logica del gorilla". i think it will be finished (and available) next month. the title of the english version will be "don't mess with a silverback".
now something about this blog... when i was a fulltime musician i used it for anything related to my music, be it promoting gigs, announcing new records and collaborations and all the usual things that music producers put on their websites (hoping that it could be of some interest for someone out there). now that my main activity as musician is busking with my percussions, i don't need a website anymore so i think i will use it for something else. my plan is to write some articles regarding the same topics covered in the book. it should be a good way to keep things live and updated. so expect articles and advices on how to eat, move and think like a gorilla while still living in the world of humans. trust me, it's a lot of fun.