"rave days are over"


composed and recorded in 2014
available in CD or MP3 (192 kbs) format
MP3 format: 5 euros
CD format: 10 euros

total time running: 51.56

download the MP3 release

odd and spooky music recorded at home using toy and acoustic instruments and a four track recorder.
toy pianos, kazoos and melodicas add an extravagant touch to jazzy grooves and techno kickdrums creating a mix of organic sounds and obsessive rhythms.
imagine a skiffle band playing a danse macabre right after a rave party.

01. i am fine but the piano's on acid (5.22) listen
02. la leggenda del 6 gennaio (5.56) listen
03. ombranomala (4.54)
04. rave days (5.40)
05. sio (1.38)
06. setttionders sportswear (6.48) listen
07. tardi? (5.29)
08. important note (6.01)
09. the loop concept (4.49) listen
10. no compassion without respect (4.58)

the MP3 release comes in a .ZIP folder containing the 10 tracks and printable cover.
the CD release is available during live sets.

problems with the download? send a mail.
do you live in the other side of the world and want the CD? send a mail, we'll find a solution.

Frans De Waard review on Vital Weekly 966:
After a long hiatus (the rave days, perhaps), Guignol Dangereux returned in Vital Weekly 938 and now renamed themselves into The Dangereux Family with more domestic dance inspired music, rather than dance floor bits; underground dance floor bits of the very old days. The comeback from some time back saw them transforming the acoustic hand drum into techno oriented music, but on 'Rave Days Are Over' the piano plays an important role. I am not sure if we are talking about an upright piano, Steinway or such like, or something that comes out of Garageband or some Ipad App, along with the programmed rhythms and synthesizers that are also working their way around here, along with more sparsely used voices and 'acoustic sounds'. The music sounds a bit 'thin': it could have used some additional mastering, me thinks. But the ten pieces on this release are certainly quite entertaining to hear. Nothing that will easily grab the listener and forces to be listened really close, but that is perhaps not always necessary; if things are more lightweight, pleasant to hear than it has surely a right to do so. Guignol Dangereux plays some nice 80s inspired electronic music, with the piano present in the first bunch of tracks and more electronics in the second half. Great charming naivety around here. Pleasantly entertaining in these darker days a more than welcome medicine. (FdW)