"rhythms of trance"


composed and recorded in 2014
available in CD or MP3 (192 kbs) format
MP3 format: 5 euros
CD format: 10 euros

total time running: 61.47

download the MP3 release

a full length release based on the incredible sound of the handpan.
melodies and rhythms coming from steel create an oniric and trance-inducing mix with the sounds of other acoustic instruments.
a genuine unplugged techno-trance experiment.

1. wood&steel (04.45) listen
2. downunder, earth (09.09) listen
3. enjoy oxygen (09.43)
4. mind bubbles (08.35)
5. vegan kebab please (08.36)
6. between the sky and the deepsky (06.25)
7. moisturizing (06.55)
8. u like mallets? (07.24) listen

the MP3 release comes in a .ZIP folder containing the 8 tracks and printable front and back cover. the CD release is available during live sets.

problems with the download? send a mail.
do you live in the other side of the world and want the CD? send a mail, we'll find a solution.

Frans de Waard review on Vital Weekly 938:
The last time I reviewed something from Guignol Dangereux was in Vital Weekly 506, who, until then, only released on Tib Prod and then that last release on Simple Logic. That's close to nine years without a release, as they (?) write me in their letter. 'A full-length album based on the incredible sound of the handpan. An experiment to create an unplugged techno-trance album', it also says. I checked his website and there is a picture of the man with his handpan and a four track recorder. Yet, I must admit, I find it hard to believe that everything on this album is acoustic. There is reverb here, a bit of delay it seems etc. But yeah, maybe by and large this is acoustic music. This seems to be a break from his older music that had sequenced rhythms, theremins and electronics. This is, of course, not really techno music, but maybe in a tepee, with the right amount of incense burning, you get into a trance like state. The eight pieces are mostly around the eight or nine minutes - maybe too short of trance inducing state, I think - and work very minimally. If this is all played live, then Guignol Dangereux surely knows how to keep a steady, minimal sound. Following what seemed to be an over production all those years ago, this is a remarkable return. It's new, it's different than before, and it reminds me of a more acoustic version of Muslimgauze or, rather, Rapoon, more ethnically inspired (by cultures I don't know) and it works best if he expands his sounds beyond the handpan, such as what could be a keyboard, xylophone and handpan in 'Between The Sky And The Deep Sky'. It adds a bit more depth and variation to the music; it's probably that, or plays the same thing for over an hour and makes it truly a rhythm of trance. (FdW)