a new record? no... two!

it was last december when i announced that i was working on a new album that was supposed to be released before summer. well, it's time for some updates i guess.
it's not a new record to be released during this year but two.
my goal was to release a full techno album using only acoustic instruments with the handpan having the main role. during the composing process i realized that i was going in two different directions, a trance-hypnotic bunch of handpan tracks and some darker and bizarre songs with the piano as the main instrument.
so i decided to release two different records, both of acoustic techno.
now let's call them with their names...
"rhythms of trance" is obviously the trance-hypnotic record that is almost finished and is supposed to be released in a month.
"rave days are over" is the more bizarre and obscure record played basically on piano and toy instruments, and it's supposed to be released in november.