a new album, unplugged techno.

my tascam dp004

ok it's official, i am working on a new album.
my last full-lenght was released back in 2006 and in these last 8 years all i did (music wise) was working on soundtracks.
a few words about this new project...
as you may notice in the picture above, i am not using the standard equipment for producing techno but i decided to switch to a more rudimentary and basic system, a portable 4-track recorder. the main reason is that the sounds that i am going to record will be produced only by acoustic instruments, let's call it unplugged or acoustic techno. obviously my interest in handpans has a big part in this decision, but there will be room also for some piano, handpercussions and a lot of toy instruments that make very interesting sounds.
the process of recording an album using this equipment differs a lot from the usual routine of sequencing synths and drum machines, as i am going to play by hand every single note. how long will it take? i don't know, but i can presume that the full release will be available before summer.
the new album does not have a definitive name yet, for now i will call it "rave days" but it's subject to changes.
it will be a self-release thing so i am not looking for labels at the moment, i still have to consider how to distribute it... i am against the "give-it-away-for-free" internet hype so it will not be a free full-download from my site, that's for sure.